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Wildstar anyone??

Thu Mar 20, 2014, 2:43 AM

Soooo, if you haven't heard about it, Wildstar is this awesome new MMO available for pre-order now! For a change, it's got a science fiction-y/fantasy setting, has AMAZING character designs, lovely graphics and style and it has targeted attacks that you actually have to aim, hit and dodge! The one reason I've NEVER liked MMOs is because I hate the combat system - click on bad guy, wait, automated damage applied. Blah. With Wildstar, the combat's far more adventure game-y. You jump around them, double jump over them, apply skillshots, cc, dodge their attacks... it's pretty neat.

Plus, there's this race called the Chua which are basically psychotic chinchillas and they are just the greatest little things.

I've been in the beta for a little while now, and the game's released on June 3rd so I'm super excited! Does anyone else play? Is anyone else interested in looking into it?

I'm going to end up drawing a looooot of Wildstar (Chua) art, I know it.

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The High Lama of Head Trauma
United Kingdom
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Hey Stranger! 
It was fun seeing you at Game the other day, I hope your mum wasn't mad at you because I kept you too long!
Haha hey you! Nah she was fine, it was ace catching up though! Still waiting to hear back from BUCK, it's getting a bit silly now! See you at MCM?
Which MCM? Isn't there 4 this year? :3
I'll be at May & October London shows, and I've booked a table at Manchester too this year :) Just got confirmed at BUCK again too, woo!
TheNikodemus Feb 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Watching you saves me a LOT of time browsing the web for artwork <3
We're you at Animanga Pop?
Did you enjoy it? Thought it was really good, a lot of stuff going on through the day.
Sorry! I thought I replied to you already! Oops. Yes, I loved it! I love the smaller 'local' cons! I'm at DevCon in May too :)
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